Booking Normannis

Historia Normannis prides itself on offering a high-quality, exciting and historically accurate range of event options to a wide client base.

Members of the public are invited to experience history first-hand, handling reproduction artefacts and exploring the living conditions of a 12th century army on the march. Whether providing a small tourney, or a large set-piece battle, Historia Normannis brings history to life!

Whether it be forming a small part of a larger event, the centrepiece of a historical pageant or a completely independent show, Normannis’ dedicated membership offer an engaging and enthusiastic insight into life and death almost nine centuries ago- – portraying an authentic 12th century military camp, including camp followers, nobles and even accompanying clerics.
Our clients have included the BBC, English Heritage, Cadw, and many independently owned heritage sites across the UK.

To find out more about what Normannis can offer, feel free to contact us from our Contact Form quoting for a no-obligation quote.

“From the moment the coach arrives Historia Normannis provide an exciting portrayal of life in Norman times.  They are extremely professional in their approach to living history and historical interpretation.  Whittington Castle feels honoured to host their 3-day annual event and looks forward each year to this impressive group’s arrival”
Sue Ellis – Whittington Castle Manager.